Wednesday, 17 June 2015 13:31

Nutritional research on grains is of major importance for bakers

The major importance of nutritional research on grain lies in the fact that it will refute the consumers' misconceptions, according to the executive director of the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) on the site. The institution has carried out a series of nutritional researches aiming to point out the importance of the role played by grains in nutrition.

"Consumers want to know more about the products they consume, and the industry wants to know more about their own products. Consumers are interested in nutrition and how food can impact their health. Being able to give them answers and connect all those dots is of vital importance to the Grain Foods Foundation's work," said the leader of the institution to

Consuming grains is, for example, closely related to the improvement of health condition of the hearth or to a lower risk of diabetes. What is more, according to researchers if the grains are consumed in appropriate proportions it could contribute to reducing corporal weight. Among other facts, the studies have shown that those adults who consume mainly yeast-raised bread have a lower sugar intake that those who don't eat grains or food made of grains. Also, those who consume cereal products have a better intake of nutrients than those who avoid consuming grains.

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