The major importance of nutritional research on grain lies in the fact that it will refute the consumers' misconceptions, according to the executive director of the Grain Foods Foundation (GFF) on the site. The institution has carried out a series of nutritional researches aiming to point out the importance of the role played by grains in nutrition.

"Consumers want to know more about the products they consume, and the industry wants to know more about their own products. Consumers are interested in nutrition and how food can impact their health. Being able to give them answers and connect all those dots is of vital importance to the Grain Foods Foundation's work," said the leader of the institution to

Consuming grains is, for example, closely related to the improvement of health condition of the hearth or to a lower risk of diabetes. What is more, according to researchers if the grains are consumed in appropriate proportions it could contribute to reducing corporal weight. Among other facts, the studies have shown that those adults who consume mainly yeast-raised bread have a lower sugar intake that those who don't eat grains or food made of grains. Also, those who consume cereal products have a better intake of nutrients than those who avoid consuming grains.

Read the current issue of Brutarul-Cofetarul magazine to find out how the bakery, pastry, confectionery and milling industry can refute the consumers' misconceptions about consuming grains, carbohydrates and bread.

Suppliers of ingredients and technologies for the development of innovative bakery, pastry and confectionery products can promote their solutions in Brutarul-Cofetarul magazine, which is distributed for free to manufacturers and managers in the industry. For details contact: 0266.219.392 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

According to a new national service called Hello Consumer has been recently launched in Sweden aiming to provide all consumer-related information and guidance for consumers in the country.

„Hallå konsument” (Hello Consumer) has been set up in collaboration with other government agencies, consumer organizations such as the National Food Administration, the central supervisory authority on food and drinking water, and is coordinated by the Swedish Consumer Agency. It has also collaborated with the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints, Swedish Consumer Energy Markets Bureau and Swedish Consumers’ Insurance Bureau among other municipal consumer organizations.

It has a team of consumer advisors who answer questions of consumers regarding the purchase of products, services, contracts, claims and provide information on consumer rights, personal finance or how to make sustainable choices.

Hello Consumer stated that “more than half million Swedes lack guidance on consumer issues…Hello Consumer will provide independent and easily accessible information to consumers.” It added that their purpose is to also make consumers’ lives easier by giving them “quick and useful answers to help them make informed choices.”

The service will be available on-line, on telephone, e-mail and also on social network.


According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations’ (FAO) latest report in March 2015 food prices has shown a 1.5% drop from the previous month and an 18.7% drop from March 2014. Overall, except for a pause in October 2014, the prices have been falling steadily since April 2014, on account of large global supplies.

Sugar prices dropped significantly (-9.2%) in March. More modest declines are recorded by vegetable oils (-3.1%), cereals (-1.1%) and meat (-1%), whereas the prices of dairy products rose (1.7%) for the second consecutive month. In March 2015 the most significant price drops from March 2014 are shown in dairy products (-32%), followed by sugar and vegetable oils (both -26%), cereals (-19%) and meat (-5%).

The global food prices’ tendency to drop might last in the future in case the FAO’ s forecast for world cereal production are improved monthly. FAO has raised its 2014 world cereal production forecast by 2 million tons to 2,544 million tons. This is mainly thanks to a larger than anticipated maize harvest in the EU. At this level, global cereal output in 2014 would outstrip the 2013 record by 1%.


The EU allergens regulations, that came into force in December last year, require restaurants to specify dishes which contain specific allergens. More than 100 chefs have attacked these rules that harm “spontaneity, creativity and innovation” and warned that "significant damage” is inflicted on catering industry, according to The Telegraph.

Catering businesses, restaurants, coffee shops, bars and canteens must pay large fines unless they state precisely on menus and packaging which of their food contains ingredients from a list of the ‘EU’s 14 ‘top allergens’. The allergens on the list are: eggs, molluscs, crustaceans, celery, milk, fish, treenuts, sulphites, soya, sesame, peanuts, mustard, lupin and gluten.

According to the new rules it is not enough anymore to state on packaging or menus that allergens are present, or that they “could” be present. It is compulsory to conduct a comprehensive audit of every ingredient present within the food, and it has to be labeled with a precise breakdown of the allergens it contains. In case it is not obvious from the ingredient the name of the allergen must be written next to it

Several chefs have raised their voice against these regulations stating:

“It is a total fiasco and in my view is the responsibility of the allergee to ask, no the restaurateurs to list. I had a severe allergy for 6 years so coming at it from both sides of the fence.” – said Miss Miers, who won BBC cookery competition Masterchef in 2005.

“This is a costly overreaction from Brussels using a regulatory sledgehammer to crack a nut. Diners with allergies can and should be able to eat out with allergies, but this has unfairly placed too great a burden on the catering industry which will hurt customers, and in particular small independent businesses.” – said Matthew Elliot, group Business for Britain.


The 7th edition of GastroPan, which took place at Târgu Mureş on 19-21st of March 2015, was a huge success. More than 21,000 visitors have attended to meet the newest technologies of the market, and the majority of the 132 exhibitors from 24 countries have already planned to come back with even bigger booths for next year's exhibition.

The capacity to reunite equipment suppliers, ingredients, utensils and solutions with manufacturers, operators, specialists and entrepreneurs activating in the field has assured the success of the exhibition. At the booths visitors have found the newest and most efficient solutions for businesses such as bakeries, confectioneries, pastry shops, restaurants, coffee houses, mills, hotels, chocolate houses, ice cream shops or other related specialized shops.

Even more efficiency, innovation and diversity on display at the booths

The visitors of Expo GastroPan had the opportunity to experience, try and taste a large variety of solutions, machineries, technologies and ingredients, some of them being available for the first time on the Romanian market. Managers and specialists in the field have discovered new business ideas and solutions for making their activities more efficient, for reducing expenses, for quality improvement, or for developing new products and services that adapt to the current requirements of the market.

Dynamic programme and numerous practical demonstrations

This year Expo GastroPan has been once again the place for innovation and creativity, hosting even more demonstrations which underlined the usefulness and the efficiency of the exhibited technologies. Answering the invite of the organizers, at the exhibitors' booths, but also outside of them, World and Olympic champion bakers, chefs, confectioners and cake designers have shared their talents with thousands of visitors. Fruit and vegetable sculpting, modelling out of sugarpaste, artistic sugar painting and the technique of modelling pulled, blown and poured sugar were among the biggest attractions of GastroPan 2015.

The Bread, Cake and Innovations of the Year have been awarded

The 212 best bakers, confectioners and chefs from all around Romania have entered the GastroPan Competitions. Apart from the Bread of the Year 2015 and the Cake of the Year 2015, the best pastry products, the greatest culinary plates and the most amazing artistic creations made of dough, fruits and vegetables, sugarpaste or Isomalt have been awarded. Find out the results of the GastroPan Competitions HERE or on

GastroPan, in the calendar of international exhibitions

Professional associations from Romania and several other European countries attended GastroPan, a benchmark exhibition for consolidating the industry of bakery in Eastern Europe. The leaders of professional associations from Romania, Slovakia and Hungary mediated by the vice-president of International Union of Bakers and Confectioners have discussed how to collaborate and how to promote the Romanian products on the EU markets.

The next edition of Expo GastroPan is planned to take place also at Târgu Mureş, spring of 2016.

Rimini, 22nd January 2015 – A hundred days before EXPO 2015, Rimini Fiera created the first powerful buzz attracting the whole world’s attention to the excellence of food.

From last Saturday, for five days, at Rimini Fiera the 16 halls (110,000 m2 had been sold for two months) turned the spotlight on over a thousand companies at the 36° SIGEP, RHEX Ristorazione and A.B.TECH EXPO, which showcased the extraordinary quality of the artisan gelato, pastry and bakery chains, as well as those of food service, coffee and pizza.


The number of trade visitors sums up an unprecedented success: they totalled 187,233 (figures certified and audited according to international standard ISO 25639:2008), with an increase of 8% compared to 2014. Foreign visitors rose to 38,122, with an increase of 10%. To give an idea of the scale of the growth, the event has almost doubled its visitors in the last five years.

615 journalists were accredited in the press room (78 from abroad), accounting for over 134,000 million media contacts up to 20th January. 693,476 visits were made to the expos’ Web sites from 1st January to today, with a peak of 77,805 on inauguration day. The social networks gave the events enormous coverage: there were 292,717 impressions on Twitter, whereas Facebook numbers the last seven days alone – the combined total of corporate and expo profiles – were 3,368,719.

The Rimini Fiera event therefore continues to transmit positive signs regarding international expo scenarios, giving strength and value to product trends, technological innovation and the most advanced commercial formats of Italian-made food. All in an integrated expo scenario, in which, alongside the “totem” of SIGEP, the product range was completed thanks to the simultaneous staging of both RHEX RISTORAZIONE and A.B.TECH EXPO (which has changed from triennial to biennial frequency and will be back in 2017).

Rimini Fiera Lorenzo Cagnoni comments, “The figures reward us, certifying the success of a long-term strategy and systematic activity supported by our considerable financial investments. We scored a bulls-eye by targeting internationality as a factor for development, generating promotion and business projects all year. Now SIGEP is a world player in the strategic chains of Italian-made products and we are ready for new challenges to ensure further growth.”

Rimini Fiera business unit manager Patrizia Cecchi stresses, “As well as the impressive increase, there was also satisfied feedback from exhibitors and visitors who came to Rimini Fiera from all over the world to take advantage of the business meetings.

Very many companies report records as far as contacts and contracts are concerned. We also highlighted Italy as an excellent hard-working country able to attract attention with its quality. There were also significant signs of an upswing in orders placed with Italian companies.”

The three expos were inaugurated by Stefano Bonaccini, President of the Emilia Romagna Region, and Rimini’s mayor Andrea Gnassi, along with Rimini Fiera chairman Lorenzo Cagnoni, who announced at the ribbon-cutting ceremony the launch of Rimini Coffee Festival from 28th to 31st May, bearing witness to the sector’s growth to the point of “earning” a dedicated expo. The 2015 celebrity hostess was Benedetta Parodi, an extremely popular TV show personality.

SIGEP 2015 also hosted the launch of the new edition of Gelato World Tour with dates all over the world (debuting in Singapore) for the promotion of Italian artisan gelato and, in partnership with Unioncamere and the endorsement of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Agricultural Policies, Gelateria Italiana, the recognition given to gelato parlours abroad that propose Italian-made products respecting certified quality.

All the busy international events held at the expo centre over the five days met with success, and the 2016 program already includes the Gelato World Cup (the Italian team was selected at SIGEP Gelato d’Oro 2015) and The Pastry Queen world championship, with the world’s best lady pastry chefs.

The appointment with SIGEP 2016 is from January 23rd to 27th, simultaneously with RHEX Ristorazione

The seventh edition of GastroPan International Exhibition, which will run between 19-21March 2015 in the city of Targu Mures, Romania, already has 130 confirmed exhibitors from 20 countries. More than 2 months before its debute, GastroPan confirms once again the crucial role it has on the Romanian baking and food service market. The exhibitions helps international suppliers to target more than 20,000 managers and professionals who are expected to visit the event.

GASTROPAN exhibits all types of solutions and technologies for businesses related to the baking and hospitality industries: artisan and industrial bakeries, confectioneries, gelato and chocolate shops, biscuit and pasta producers, restaurants and food service units, bars and coffee shops and so on…

The 7th edition of the event will take place on 19-21 March 2015, in the city of Targu Mures, ROMANIA.

Over the years GastroPan became the main business platform where professionals, managers and suppliers from the targeted markets can meet and discover the latest technologies through practical demo shows. Foreign suppliers have always seen in this event the most efficient way to enter the Romanian market, where there are 20.000 companies with food related activities and 20 million consumers known for their high bread consumption rate.

Romanian Baking & Food Service Market Facts:
19,200 companies providing food related activities, according to Eurostat
9,000 active bakeries and confectioneries serving 20 million consumers
8,200 restaurants with 1,63 euro reinvested after each 1 euro spent in the hospitality industry
78 kg/capita yearly bread consumption rate, higher than the European average

With its capacity to attract almost all the players from the targeted market, GastroPan exhibitions ensures the best way through which suppliers can reach one of the fastest growing baking and food service markets in South-Eastern Europe.

For booth bookings and details about the available exhibiting spaces you may contact the GastroPan 2015 Project Manager by dialing +40 733 313 043.

GastroPan 2015, the only professional trade fair that connects manufacturers and operators in the Romanian baking and hospitality industry with local and international suppliers of dedicated solutions and technology will be held on 19-21 March in Targu Mures, ROMANIA. By exhibiting at the event, suppliers have the chance of reaching 20,000 professional visitors expected. Fiind out why is the Romanian market attractive for foreign suppliers and what does it take to exhibit at the event.

GASTROPAN is the best way through which suplliers can reach one of the fastest growing baking and food service markets in South-Eastern Europe. The 7th edition of the event will take place on 19-21 March 2015, in the city of Targu Mures, ROMANIA. To find more info about the event visit, where you can check out the last edition's Photo Gallery.

Romanian Baking & Food Service Market Facts:
19,200 companies providing food related activities, according to Eurostat
9,000 active bakeries and confectioneries serving 20 million consumers
8,200 restaurants with 1,63 euro reinvested after each 1 euro spent in the hospitality industry
78 kg/capita yearly bread consumption rate, higher than the European average

Ticket to the Romanian Market: GastroPan exhibiting booth for less than 1,000 EUR

BOOK the most affordable exhibiting space at GastroPan 2015 and meet the potential of the Romanian Market!
For only 948 EUR you can have your own 12 sqm exhibiting booth, where you can meet 20,000 professional visitors. The package includes rental fee for a 12 square meter standard booth with one open side and the exhibitor registration fee.
Book as soon as possible to enjoy priority in choosing the best positioning of your booth!

For booth bookings and details about the available exhibiting spaces you may contact the GastroPan 2015 Project Manager by dialing +40 733 313 043.

The 7th edition of the most important Romanian business-to-business (B2B) tradefair showcasing equipment, ingredients, tools, solutions and technologies for all fields in the baking and hospitality market will be held on 19-21 March 2015 in the city of Targu Mures, ROMANIA.

Find the main reasons why the Romanian market is attractive to suppliers of baking and food service solutions and why GastroPan trade fair can be the best way for you to enter this market.

Exhibited solutions and innovations support all businesses
in the field

EXHIBITORS PROFILE: Suppliers of equipment, ingredients, accessories, tools, consumables, concepts and complete solutions for businesses in the targeted fields

VISITORS PROFILE: Managers, operators, entrepreneurs and specialists from artisan and industrial bakeries, confectioneries, pastries, gelato shops, chocolate makers, pasta and biscuit producers, coffee shops, restaurants and HoReCa units

The organizers of GastroPan have 14 years of experience in the Romanian baking and food service market:
Brutarul-Cofetarul is the free monthly magazine of managers and professionals in the Romanian bakeries, confectioneries, gelato and chocolate shops, mills, biscuit, pasta and sweets manufacturers.
Gastromedia is the magazine of the Romanian food service operators, connecting them with suppliers of technologies and solutions for the professionals in the hospitality industry.

Through these magazines the organizers are capable of gathering a well-targeted audience consisting almost exclusively of professional visitors.

Romanian Market Facts

Highest yearly bread consumption rate in Europe: 97 kg/capita, according to AIB International
• 20 million consumers market served by over 9,000 active bakeries and confectioneries
Baking industry needs to develop innovative technologies, healthier and more competitive products
19,000 companies in Romania are providing food related activities, according to Eurostat
8,200 and counting: number of restaurants is growing, shows an EY (formerly Ernst & Young) study
The same EY study says 1.63 euro is reinvested after each 1 euro spent in the Hospitality industry

Romanian Market Facts

With early bookings, exhibitors have priority in choosing the best booth positioning.
Dial +40 733 31 30 43 to contact GastroPan 2015 Project Manager and book your booth now!

Rimini, 22nd September 2014 – The bakery chain is increasing its space at SIGEP and the 2015 edition, at Rimini Fiera from 17th to 21st January, with the simultaneous staging of A.B. TECH EXPO will confirm its role as the only expo event in Europe able to bring together the entire production and distribution chain along with artisan confectionery and quality coffee.

Three more halls (D5, D7 and B7) and two connecting halls (B5-D5 and B7-D7) will highlight the new business perspective for enterprises, which is now more than just a trend, i.e. that of addressing multi-function venues in which the sale of bread is alternated with serving breakfasts, snacks and aperitifs… and is constantly evolving.

Rimini Fiera business unit manager Patrizia Cecchi explains, “This is the reason it is necessary to establish a format that ensures better coverage of the new perspective. This is why we are talking about the ‘bakery sector’. At the expo there will be companies that are the key players of the artisan and semi-industrial productive process, those that realize sales outlets and others that widen the bakery trade’s range with their products. This has created the perfect terrain for integration with the fast food world and therefore with RHEX, our expo on catering for eating out.  This combination enables to create interesting business prospects.”

No other expo in the world - considering SIGEP, A.B.TECH EXPO and RHEX together - is able to propose an insight on this business dynamism, already widespread everywhere. So Rimini Fiera will be the site of the bread battle: Italy’s “ciabatta” is tastier and highlights fillings better than France’s “baguette”. The battle will be held in “Bread in the City” the international contest staged at A.B.TECH EXPO with eight international teams, 16 contestants and a panel that will judges the world’s bread specialities.

Bakery Events will host numerous important events for the bakery world (in Hall D7). These will include the “Bread Talent Show”, a contest in which professionals will propose their innovations in a video. Before the expo, participants will take part in selection heats, and the remaining finalists will fight it out to win a trip to Shanghai offered by Lesaffre. For information, write to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. There will also be “Sartoria” workshops (innovative packaging), “Bottega” (new trends in bread stores), “Focacceria” (a workshop for making bakery specialities) and “Officina” (demos of semi-industrial workshops with machinery for making la typical products).

Dates: 17 - 21 January 2015; Organizers: Rimini Fiera SpA; edition: 36th, frequency: annual; classification: international; Admittance: trade members only; hours; Hours: 9:30 am – 6:00 pm, last day 9:30 am – 3:00 pm (3:00 – 5:00 pm only with online tickets); business unit manager: Patrizia Cecchi; project managers: Gabriella de Girolamo (gelato), Giorgia Maioli (confectionery/pastry, bakery, coffee); exhibitor info: tel. +39 0541 744521 fax +39 0541 744772; Web site:

Rimini Fiera SpA Communication & Media Relations Service +39 0541 744510 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; manager: Elisabetta Vitali; press office coordinator: Marco Forcellini; press staff: Alessandro Caprio and Nicoletta Evangelisti Mancini;
media consultant: Cesare Trevisani Nuova Comunicazione Associati +39 335.7216314 – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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