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Manufactured ice cream superior to homemade

  • Published in News
  • Friday, 29 August 2014 15:33

Manufactured ice creams can offer a superior taste experience when compared to homemade product, and premium brands contain less air and more fat, according to a US food scientist.

Making ice cream at home offers very different results to commercially produced, Maya Warren, a PhD student at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, told the Institute of Food Technologists in a video interview.

“It all has to do with the freezer itself, the slower you freeze the product, the more time the ice crystals have to grow,” said Warren.
“Imagine it taking 30 minutes to freeze a product [at home] versus making a product commercially and taking 30 seconds to freeze.”

Less creamy mouth feel

The larger the ice crystals, the less-creamy the mouth feel and therefore the less satisfying the product, she said. The differences between premium and economy brands came down to the levels of fat and air in each of the products, explained Warren. Premium scooping ice creams would have more than 15% milk fat in them, while economy scooping ice creams would have around 10%.

“Also, the amount of air [differs],” she said. “Premium scooping ice creams tend to have lower air and it’s crazy how many frozen dessert are out there, and there are big differences between them.”

Higher demand from consumers for lower fat and lower sugar products had led to a new type of ice cream on the shelf, she added.

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  • Published in News
  • Thursday, 31 July 2014 11:29

In the Pastry Arena and the Pastry and Cake Design Forum daily performances and contests with great Artisan Confectionery Masters from all over the world

Rimini, 24th July 2014 - The schedule of great international events which the 36th edition of SIGEP (Rimini Fiera, 17-21 January 2015) will dedicate to the artisan pastry world has already taken shape.

On the first two days, Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th January, the world's most extraordinary young talents will compete   for the Junior World Pastry Championship (JWPC). Ten teams from five continents are awaited, ready to fight it out in the suggestive Pastry Arena (Hall B5). Team have already registered from Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Australia, France, Poland, USA and representatives from ex-Yugoslavia. As is the tradition, contestants will be required to show their skill with a theme laid down in the regulations, which this year will be Italian Food style. The event is organized by Rimini Fiera in collaboration with CASTAlimenti and with the Patronage of the AMPI, Relais Dessert and Conpait.

Partner companies: Debic, Besozzi Oro and Valrhona.

On Monday 19th January, the spotlight will be on the great Italian pastry Masters, who will compete for the title to be won in the Italian Pastry Championship. The best finalists will compete on the theme "Pastry-making: core characteristics".

On Tuesday 20th, space will be dedicated to young Italian pastry chefs, who will compete for the Italian under-23 Junior championship. The creative fantasy of youngsters from all over Italy will be inspired by an icon of youth and style - the Vespa, - which will be presented in an original innovative manner with artistic sugar and chocolate creations, in compliance with the tests set by the contest.

The Italian pastry championships are organized in partnership with Debic, Besozzi Oro and Valrhona.

On Tuesday 20th there will be a second great competition, the Italian heats to select the Italian contestant in the 2016 Pastry Queen competition. The contestants will have to base their entries on the theme "Stylists and Haut Couture". With their sugar or chocolate sculptures, plated dessert and "Mini sweet jewel" ring, the contestants will stage a "catwalk" of astonishing creations of pastry-making Haute Couture.

For all five days, the Pastry Arena location will spotlight the sculptures of the International Star of Sugar Contest, the competition dedicated to sugar. An authentic gallery of works of art representing one of the status symbols that has made Italian-made products great: Ferrari. The endeavours of a personality that with his creations left an indelible mark in the annals of time were based on a feeling and passion that will be a stimulus for putting the creative skills of sugar artists from all over the world to the test.

Title Sponsor: Decosil.

There is great expectation for the Italian Chocolate-making Championship, organized by Barry Callebaut. The success of master chocolatier Davide Comaschi at SIGEP's 2014 Italian Chocolate-making Championship, who then went on to become World Champion at the 2014 World Chocolate Master in Paris, will attract even more attention to the event that is scheduled from Saturday 17th to Monday 19th in Hall B3.

At the Pastry and Cake Design Forum (Hall D1) the events will begin with the Festival delle Nazioni (Festival of Nations), a new feature for SIGEP. The Festival, dedicated to EXPO 2015, is organized along with IFSE, Conpait and Pasticceria Internazionale and will spotlight great Masters of the confectioner's art from South Korea, Russia, Peru, Brazil, Colombia and the Philippines at work. On Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th there will be presentations of typical creations of the respective cultures, with Italy as host nation, along with its famous Masters. Also at the Forum, on Monday 19th the program features Coppa Italia della Pasticceria Artistica (Italia Cup for Artistic Pastry), a contest organized by Glamour Italian Cakes. The fascinating theme will be cinema, the seventh art, with 10 finalists selected by an online contest.

On Tuesday, the key player will be the SigepGiovani contest, with students and teachers from training schools competing and, above all, hosting the world's most extraordinary pastry exponents. The 2015 event will be dedicated to frozen pastry.

It should also be remembered that simultaneously with the SIGEP, International Exhibition of Artisan Gelato, Pastry, Confectionery and Bakery production, there will also be RHEX  (Rimini Horeca Expo), with trends in food & beverage for eating out, and A.B.TECH EXPO, the trade fair that brings together under one "expo roof" the entire bakery sector, from the great quality of artisan production to innovative industrial technologies.


The FAO Food Price Index falls for the third consecutive month, mainly on lower cereal and vegetable oil prices

  • Published in News
  • Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:53

The FAO Food Price Index averaged 206.0 points in June 2014, down 3.8 points (1.8 percent) from May and nearly 6 points (2.8 percent), below June 2013. Last month’s decline, which was the third in succession, was largely the result of a marked drop in cereal and vegetable oil prices, following further improvements in global production prospects. Although sugar and dairy quotations also edged lower, the falls were far less pronounced. On the other hand, meat prices held steady.


European Parliament to vote on agreement governing the bittersweet trade in cocoa

  • Published in News
  • Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:15

Cocoa is not only essential to creating delicious chocolate, but it is also a commodity millions of people depend upon for their income. The European Parliament will vote this week on the 2010 International Cocoa Agreement which aims to improve market transparency and strengthen co-operation between exporting and importing countries. MEPs will also vote on a separate resolution to condemn the use of child labour for cocoa production.


Analyst Insight: The battle between fructose and glucose

  • Published in News
  • Wednesday, 09 July 2014 13:08

Manufacturers should look to reduce overall use and reliance on sugar and not focus on replacing fructose with glucose, while concerns over HFCS should start to disperse as newer research invalidates current thinking, says Laura Jones of Mintel.

Sugar continues to be a hot topic when it comes to nutrition, with its excessive consumption being blamed for the steep rise in the level of overweight and obese individuals globally and the resulting health complications.

However, manufacturers' focus should not be on reducing or replacing fructose sugars with glucose sugars, rather focus on reducing overall use and reliance on sugar. While health concerns connected to high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) should start to disperse as newer research invalidates adverse effects of fructose on health compared to glucose.

Fructose targeted

Although not proven, fructose and fructose-containing sugars; in particular HFCS has been accused of being more detrimental to an individual's health than glucose and glucose-containing sugars.
Fructose is a naturally occurring monosaccharide sugar, found in fruits, some vegetables and honey. Being the sweetest natural sugar, it is only present in very small amounts naturally. Much of the concerns around HFCS are linked to the increasing amounts consumed in modern western diets.

With HFCS now a common ingredient in processed foods, we no longer just eat small quantities found in natural sources.



Professional trainings supported by the Magazine of Romanian Bakers and Confectioners (PHOTO)

  • Published in News
  • Wednesday, 04 June 2014 09:48

There are more than 8,500 bakeries and confectioneries in Romania and most of the managers in the field are complaining about the poor skills of their personnel. In the past year, the leading magazine of the industry Brutarul-Cofetarul has co-organized dozens of professional training courses, bringing some of the best European specialists to share their skills. Check out a Photo Gallery of some of the courses.


Bakery & Food Service Trends of the Year launched at GastroPan Trade Fair in Romania

  • Published in News
  • Tuesday, 22 April 2014 14:11
Peste 19.800 de vizitatori au trecut pragul celei de-a şasea ediţii a celui mai mare târg autohton de panificaţie, cofetărie, gelaterie, ciocolaterie, cafea şi alimentaţie publică. Expoziţia GastroPan 2014 a atras publicul prin soluţiile variate prezentate la standurile celor 120 de expozanţi din 23 de ţări şi prin numeroasele concursuri şi programe demonstrative atractive susţinute de specialişti români şi străini.

Over 19,800 specialists visited the sixth edition of the most important Romanian exhibition for the bakery, confectionery, ice cream, chocolate, coffee and food service markets. Visitors of GastroPan 2014 discovered various business solutions at the booths of 120 exhibitors from 23 countries. They also experienced lots of competitions and demo shows held by local and international specialists.


Figures confirm: GastroPan will be the greatest specialized trade fair in Romania

  • Published in News
  • Monday, 03 March 2014 13:49

Probably the greatest South-Eastern European exhibition of solutions and technologies for the baking, confectionery, pastry, gelato, chocolate, sweets, coffee and food service industries will take place in Brasov (Romania), from 4th to 6th of April 2014. Exhibitors will be world-class suppliers from the local and European market while the dynamic programs will attract thousands of visitors.

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